Αργεντινή - Πριμέρα D Μετροπολιτάνα 11/28 20:00 22 [6] Σπορτίβο Μπαράκας v Tσέντρο Εσπανιόλ [2] L 0-1
Αργεντινή - Πριμέρα D Μετροπολιτάνα 11/20 20:00 21 [3] Ελ Πορβενίρ v Σπορτίβο Μπαράκας [5] L 1-0
Αργεντινή - Πριμέρα D Μετροπολιτάνα 11/13 18:30 20 Σπορτίβο Μπαράκας v Ντεφενσόρες Καμπασέρες L 0-4
Αργεντινή - Πριμέρα D Μετροπολιτάνα 11/06 18:30 19 [7] Ντεπορτίβο Μουνίζ v Σπορτίβο Μπαράκας [3] L 2-0
Αργεντινή - Πριμέρα D Μετροπολιτάνα 10/30 18:30 18 [5] Σπορτίβο Μπαράκας v CA Λουγκάνο [10] W 3-2
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Αργεντινή - Πριμέρα D Μετροπολιτάνα 10/03 18:30 15 [3] Σπορτίβο Μπαράκας v Κλαμπ Μερσέντες [7] D 1-1
Αργεντινή - Πριμέρα D Μετροπολιτάνα 09/23 18:30 14 [1] Αργκεντίνο ντε Ροσάριο v Σπορτίβο Μπαράκας [3] L 2-0
Αργεντινή - Πριμέρα D Μετροπολιτάνα 09/18 18:30 13 [3] Σπορτίβο Μπαράκας v Χουβεντούντ Ουνίδα Σαν Μιγκέλ [9] W 3-1
Αργεντινή - Πριμέρα D Μετροπολιτάνα 09/10 18:30 12 [11] Ντεπορτίβο Παραγουάϊο v Σπορτίβο Μπαράκας [3] D 0-0
Αργεντινή - Πριμέρα D Μετροπολιτάνα 08/21 18:30 11 [2] Tσέντρο Εσπανιόλ v Σπορτίβο Μπαράκας [3] L 2-1
Αργεντινή - Πριμέρα D Μετροπολιτάνα 08/06 18:30 10 [3] Σπορτίβο Μπαράκας v Ελ Πορβενίρ [6] W 2-1


 TotalΟμάδα 1Ομάδα 2
Matches played 30 15 15
Wins 11 8 3
Draws 8 4 4
Losses 11 3 8
Goals for 24 18 6
Goals against 28 15 13
Clean sheets 14 7 7
Failed to score 15 5 10

Wikipedia - Sportivo Barracas

Club Sportivo Barracas is an Argentine sports club from Buenos Aires. The institution was born as a rowing club, nevertheless it is mostly known for its football activities nowadays. The team currently plays in Primera D Metropolitana, the fifth division of the Argentine football league system. The club has also a women's football section.

Apart from football, Sportivo Barracas also hosts the practice of futsal, artistic roller skating, and other disciplines.


Riachuelo F.C. (pictured in 1910), predecessor of Sportivo Barracas

The club was founded on October 30, 1913, in its headquarters still located in the barrio of Barracas in Buenos Aires, as "Club Sportivo Barracas", after Riachuelo F.C. merged to it. The club bought the Riachuelo F.C. facilities on Iriarte and Santa Elena streets to play football there. Riachuelo had played its only season in Primera División in 1913, being relegated to División Intermedia after finishing last. Sportivo Barracas took its place in the division.[]

As Sportivo Barracas won the Intermedia championship in 1916, it promoted to Primera División. The team made its debut in the Argentine Primera División in 1917, finishing 5th. The team played in Primera until the league became professional in 1931.

The team that won the Primera División championship in 1932

Sportivo became one of the clubs to make the decision of staying amateur so it remained at the official body, Argentine Association. This decision paid dividends because the following year Sportivo Barracas won the 1932 championship. It remained unaffiliated to Argentine Football Association from 1936 to 1967, never regaining its amateur notability since its return.[]

Following an influx of external financial support, the club moved to play its football matches to Bolivar, Buenos Aires Province, in 2003, changing its name to "Club Sportivo Barracas Bolívar", as well as the shirt colors and crest. However, all other activities of the club remained in Buenos Aires.

In 2010, the club left the city of Bolívar, playing its home games at Acassuso stadium of San Isidro, Buenos Aires. Sportivo Barracas has a major rivalry with Barracas Central, the other team in the Barracas neighbourhood.

In March 2011, the club put the image of former President of Argentina Néstor Kirchner on the jersey as a tribute to him. In May 2012, Sportivo Barracas was disaffiliated for one season after finishing last in the Primera D championship. The vacant place was filled by Puerto Nuevo which returned to the division.[]

In 2015, Sportivo Barracas won the Primera D championship, promoting to the upper level.