Μεξικό - Liga de Expansion 04/11 03:05 15 [2] Ουνιβερσιδάδ Γουαδαλαχάρα v Τεπατιτλάν ντε Μορέλος [15] L 3-2
Μεξικό - Liga de Expansion 04/05 03:05 14 [15] Τεπατιτλάν ντε Μορέλος v Τλαξκαλά FC [12] D 1-1
Μεξικό - Liga de Expansion 03/27 03:05 13 [10] Οαχάκα v Τεπατιτλάν ντε Μορέλος [15] L 1-0
Μεξικό - Liga de Expansion 03/23 21:00 12 [15] Τεπατιτλάν ντε Μορέλος v Tapatio [10] L 0-4
Μεξικό - Liga de Expansion 03/19 23:05 11 [4] Κανκούν ΦΚ v Τεπατιτλάν ντε Μορέλος [14] L 2-0
Μεξικό - Liga de Expansion 03/14 01:05 10 [14] Τεπατιτλάν ντε Μορέλος v Ατλάντε [6] L 1-2
Μεξικό - Liga de Expansion 03/07 01:05 9 [10] Κορεκαμίνος v Τεπατιτλάν ντε Μορέλος [14] L 2-0
Μεξικό - Liga de Expansion 03/01 01:05 8 [13] Τεπατιτλάν ντε Μορέλος v Κλαμπ Σελάγια [4] L 0-2
Μεξικό - Liga de Expansion 02/22 03:05 7 [15] Κιμαρόνες ντε Σονόρα ΦΚ v Τεπατιτλάν ντε Μορέλος [11] L 4-0
Μεξικό - Liga de Expansion 02/16 03:05 6 [11] Τεπατιτλάν ντε Μορέλος v Μινέρος ντε Ζακατέκας [10] D 1-1
Μεξικό - Liga de Expansion 02/04 22:05 4 [14] Τεπατιτλάν ντε Μορέλος v Ατλέτικο Μορέλια [15] W 2-1
Μεξικό - Liga de Expansion 01/24 03:05 3 [12] Κλαμπ Ατλέτικο Λα Παζ v Τεπατιτλάν ντε Μορέλος [8] L 2-0


 TotalΟμάδα 1Ομάδα 2
Matches played 31 15 16
Wins 8 6 2
Draws 7 4 3
Losses 16 5 11
Goals for 36 20 16
Goals against 60 21 39
Clean sheets 5 4 1
Failed to score 11 5 6

Wikipedia - Tepatitlán F.C.

Tepatitlán Fútbol Club, commonly known as Alteños de Tepatitlán, or just Tepa, is a Mexican football club based in Tepatitlán, Jalisco, Mexico. The club was founded in 1944, and currently plays in the Liga de Expansión MX.


The people's team

Its beginnings were after a selection for Regional Tournament with the aim of reaching if they were victorious to the state championship. The Mission was appointed to Fausto Prieto, this team was called The People's Team.

Some names of players that appear in the years of 1944-1946 are: Luis Veles, Miguel Escoto "El Mugres", Andrés González "The different", Max Prieto, Goyo Franco, Gregorio Gómez, Enrique Estrada, Roberto Estrada "El Rocha" , Elio Vázquez, Eleuterio Silva, "Tello Silva the face of a cock", Arnulfo de la Torre "El Casarín" and Rafael Martínez "El Piwe".

Championship Promotion Final 2017–18

Promotion Championship

On 19 May 2018, Tepatitlán was proclaimed champion of the 2017-18 season of Serie A de México after defeating Loros UdeC by penalty shootout in the promotion final. However, they were not promoted to Ascenso MX and were forced to remain in Serie A after the Mexican Football Federation ruled the club did not meet the necessary requirements.

    1. "We were 20 seconds away from being sad ... but we touched the back of the medal. And now only plan well what will be the next tournament and work as we have been doing with great enthusiasm to do something important and hopefully gave us a next championship to have the direct promotion," said Enrique López Zarza, a Reporter of the Premier League.
No. Pos. Nac. Judador
12 GK Jesús Montoya
3 DF Josué Soria
4 DF Daniel Aguiñaga
5 DF Javier Medina
23 DF Jesús Ruiz
6 MF Román Reynoso
7 MF Moisés Ramos
8 MF Antonio Torres
10 MF Luis Rodríguez
14 MF Agustín Ojeda
9 FW Carlos López
25 GK Cristian Orozco
2 DF Abraham Chávez
13 DF Eduardo Castello
77 DF Oscar De La Mora
11 MF Fabrizio Diaz
20 MF Carlos Ponce
17 FW Oscar Saavedra
1 GJ Christian López
16 MF Fernando Cedillo
60 MF Mauricio Estrada
33 FW Andrés Ríos
69 FW Diego Medina
DT Enrique López Zarza

New era

On 15 June 2020, the team was renamed as Tepatitlán F.C. and adopted the nickname Alteños, with the aim of representing the entire region, Los Altos de Jalisco. in addition to a possible integration in the Liga de Expansión MX. On July 17, Tepatitlán F.C. was accepted at Liga de Expansión as an expansion team.

On 19 August 2020 the team debuted in the new category, Tepatitlán drew with Atlético Morelia 2-2. Mauricio López scored the club's first goal in the Liga de Expansión.

2021 Guardians Clausura Tournament Champion

Tournament Champion

For the Clausura 2021 tournament, the Alteña squad performed a regular tournament in which they finished in 6th. place of the general, already for the league he faced Dorados de Sinaloa, Cimarrones de Sonora and Mineros de Zacatecas.

On May 15, 2021, the team was proclaimed champion of the Liga de Expansión MX. Los Alteños won the title after drawing 2-2 as visitors against Atlético Morelia, the club claimed their 1–0 victory in the first leg and thus won the championship.

Champion of Champions 2020-21

A week later, on May 22, the team won its second title by winning the 2020-21 Champion of Champions of the Liga de Expansión MX after defeating Tampico Madero in a series of penalties. The Alteños tied at two goals on aggregate after winning 2–0 at home and leveling the series, finally, in the series from eleven steps, the club won 5–3.

**Τεπατιτλάν ντε Μορέλος**

Η Τεπατιτλάν ντε Μορέλος (ισπ.: Tepatitlán de Morelos, προφέρεται: [tepatitˈlan de moˈɾelos]) είναι επαγγελματική ποδοσφαιρική ομάδα από την πόλη Τεπατιτλάν ντε Μορέλος του Χαλίσκο στο Μεξικό. Επί του παρόντος συμμετέχει στην δεύτερη κατηγορία του πρωταθλήματος ποδοσφαίρου Μεξικού, την Liga de Expansión MX.


Ο σύλλογος ιδρύθηκε το 1944. Έχει φτάσει δύο φορές στον τελικό του πρωταθλήματος της δεύτερης κατηγορίας, το 1990 και το 2017, αλλά και τις δύο φορές έχασε.


Η Τεπατιτλάν ντε Μορέλος αγωνίζεται εντός έδρας στο Στάδιο Τεπατιτλάν, χωρητικότητας 15.000 θεατών.


* **Πρωτάθλημα Apertura της δεύτερης κατηγορίας:** 2022

**Εμβληματικοί παίκτες**

* Ρονάλδο Βάργκας
* Κάρλος Σαλσίδο
* Αλεχάντρο Ίβανοφ