Club San Martín is a sports club based in Corrientes, Argentina. The basketball team currently plays in the Torneo Nacional de Ascenso (TNA), the second division of the Argentine Liga Nacional de Básquetbol league system.


San Martín was founded in 1932 by some management leaders of Club 9 de Julio, which had recently closed. The club was originally named "Robson Tenis Club" after local tennis champion Guillermo Robson. Antonio Peluffo was the first president.

From the beginning the club hosted diverse activities such as basketball, tennis, track and field, table tennis and swimming.

The following year, San Martín acquired land on the corner of Salta and Moreno streets to set up its headquarters, still current.

In 2022, San Martin was the runner-up in the 2022 Liga Sudamericana de Básquetbol, losing to Bauru from Brazil in the Grand Final in Buenos Aires.